SFS government projects are mainly started to build a Healthier South Africa. South Africa’s mil-nutrition is one of our greatest concern, as well as the problems that’s going hand on hand with it. We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy live.


SFS is currently active with companies in the RT 9 and HP 9 tender.


SFS plan to launch the Tom Boya Project at the department of education . Tom ment a lot to Limpopo’s province.


SFS plan to launch the Alantis Project with Promeal, Department of education (Western Cape), Health (Western Cape) and Social Development (Western Cape).

We will initially look at exploring co-operation with the relevant government structures in the following areas;

  • Dept Health
    • Mobile clinic for Atlantis Industrial to service staff directly at the various plants. We are looking at areas such as family planning, common cold treatment and basic trauma guidance.
  • Dept Education
    • “adopt a school” project organizing feeding schemes.
    • “lets play” project focussing on sport at school level.
    • Tutoring/coaching/mentoring – utilising students from local tertiary institutions to assist in training of the scholars, especially in science subjects.
  • Dept Social Development
    • We are interested in the housing part but this is a bigger project which I have to discuss with my MD.